Projects in Schools
Perspekt offers workshops on antiracism to schools. Our workshops also enable youth to find a positive approach to their own diverse identities. Workshops can be given as part of a project day or in the place of a teaching unit.
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Workshops for Associations
Perspekt particularly cares about making our workshops on antiracism and antidiscrimination accessible to actors of civil society. Our workshops will be tailored specifically to the needs of your association.
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Corporate Training
Diversity and discrimination are issues many teams are confronted with - internally or when in contact with the customer. Our corporate trainings focus on implementing equality and improving workplace atmosphere.
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Perspekt promotes democracy, participation and social cohesion - at times where our societies need it.

About Perspekt

Education Is Key
European societies are more diverse than ever: For example, one in four people living in Germany was either born in a different country or has parents who immigrated into the country. At the same time, attacks on people who are perceived as looking "different" or thinking "differently" are on the rise. In politics, racism is not penalised, but instead rewarded with better election results. Social division is increasing. 
Against this background, Perspekt Initiative wants to build bridges and create more understanding between people. We now need to advocate for an open, democratic society. A society which focuses on people's dignity and equality. We believe in recognising our commonalities and questioning our preconceptions as keys to a peaceful society. We believe in fostering participation and dialogue.
Perspekt Initiative wants to achieve these aims through implementing projects in schools, corporations and associations. We offer trainings on antiracism, civic courage/rhetoric, and diversity. Our methods draw from studies in social psychology and peace and conflict research. Together, we create a vibrant, open-minded, democratic society.

Online Seminars

Perspekt Initiative also offers digital workshops. This is an offer especially for groups and people not based in Hamburg. We offer online seminars on antiracism, anti-bias and civic courage/rhetoric.

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