ACCT (Anti-Racism and Civic Courage Training) is our EU-wide project for respect, anti-racism and civic courage.
ACCT runs over the course of 2 years. During the project, we develop a training to combat racism and discrimination effectively and to empower communities of colour. We work with organisations on the ground in order to bring different groups together. We implement the trainings in our 5 partner countries: Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Denkmark, and Spain. We also develop an online training that will be freely accessible.

One aim of ACCT is contributing to the statistic recording of discriminatory incidents. For this, we bring together experts from different countries. We enter into exchange about methods and improve the methods with organisations on the ground, so that they can use them.

We also organise a poster campaign during ACCT. The campaign will run on social media and on passenger tv on public transport in several european cities. This way, we create more visibility for the topics of racism, civic courage and social cohesion.

ACCT Partners

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